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Sustanon 250, Testosterone Mix – Induject-250 [Sustanon 250mg 10ml vial]


Manufacturer: Alpha-Pharma Healthcare
Category: Injectable Steroids
Substance: Sustanon
Package: 250mg 10ml vial

Product Description

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Induject-250 (vial) is widely known as Sustanon 250, Testosterone Mix

Other alternative names for Induject-250 (vial) (Sustanon): Alpha-Pharma Healthcare Sustanon, Testosterone Mix, Testosterone Blend, Sustanon, Alpha Pharma Testosterone Mix, Testosterone Blend, Sustanon 250 250mg 10ml, Induject-250 (vial) 250mg 10ml, Susta, MultiTesto, Sustaplex.
Possible misspelling: Sustonon 250, Sustonan 250

All of these are different brands of the same active substance – Sustanon

Induject-250 [Sustanon 250]

Testosterone Combination 250mg

Known under the names

Sustanon, Sustanon 250, Test, Testosterone, Testosterone Mix, Testosterone Combination


Induject-250 is indicated for use in hormone replacement therapy, rejuvenation therapy, panhypopituitarism and female breast cancer.


Each carton contains 1 vial of 10ml (250mg/ml).

Profile: Alpha-Pharma InduJect-250

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